Let us introduce ourselves

Growing Edge Technologies owners have been leading the industry since 1985 in the indoor gardening sector. The two people responsib for our plant food's, have over 60 years of practica experience in formulating and creating some of the best nutrient programs in the world. We searched the globe to find only the highest quality base ingredients for all our products.

As all gardeners and growers know, a plants requirements for specific nutrients and micro-nutrients changes as the plant moves through their vanous cycles of growth. We paid particular attention to these changing demands and designed all our products to satisfy each stage of growth - from the seedling through to the final harvest.

We offer a full line of complete nutrient programs as well as additives and boosters to compliment one another. Our Let's Garden plant food boasts a rigorous two part Grow and Bloom formulas for use in soil, soil-less and hydroponic gardening scenarios. We also offer a one part "Let's Garden Series" which can be used as a stand alone food program in outdoor gardening applications and as a wonderful compliment to the full nutrient program of Let's Grow and Let's Bloom fonnulas. Whether a heavy or light feeding crop you will be guaranteed to find the proper balance within our product lines.

We welcome and encourage our customer's questions and feed back, as it encourages us to strive to produce a superior product.

Remember look after your garden and your garden will look after you!